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The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag
The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag
The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag
The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag
The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag
The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag

The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag

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Stay fit and have fun whilst stuck at home!

Get ready to feel fit and look great out there! Our Ultimate Fitness Training Bag will keep you and your family healthy while home bound, whilst having fun! Utilizing a water-filled base, the punching bag stays grounded while you deliver powerful blows, and returns by itself, ready for round two! Burn calories, build muscle, and stay entertained during home staying with The Ultimate Fitness Training Bag!
Improve your fitness, coordination and stress levels
Using the punching bag for only a few minutes per day can help you improve your fitness, flexibility and agility, improve your hand-eye coordination, and help you destress! Get fit and energized to go back out into the world again!
Stay entertained
We know how boring being confined at home can be, so we decided to do something about it! Our Ultimate Fitness Training Bag will keep you and your family entertained (and fit) for hours. Staying in shape and getting fit is easier when you're actively engaged and having fun!
High quality - Made from durable multi-layer 25mm PVC Duratec material, so it is ready for the toughest punches!
Sturdy - The base fills with water, keeping the punching bag stable and your punches and kicks accurate!
Easy to inflate - Comes with a FREE pump making inflating easy!
Portable - Folds down to a small size, easily fits in storage!
Safe for the whole family - The bag is filled with air, so it is soft to the touch and safe for kids and adults alike!
Due to the very popular demand and interruptions to shipping logistics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this product may take 14 to 28 days to arrive. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Maude Kuvalis

It came well packed and looked good. Great way to keep fit while house bound. Having fun with it already!

Edythe O'Reilly

Very easy to set up. Good value for the money. Ingenious!

America Beatty

I need that exercise. I feel the difference in my body after just a couple of days of using it and have fun with it.

Skylar Abbott

Good bag. Took a bit long to get.

Thad Lebsack

Excellent Product. Well designed. The plastic shell feels a bit thin but looks ok.